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50% FreeBee
50% FreeBee

50% FreeBee

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Part Number:50% FreeBee
Wing Span: 530 mm (22")
Length: 460 mm (13")
Airfoil: Special
Flying Weight: 90 g (3-4 oz)
Radio: - Elevators, Rudder
- Motor speed controller
Motor - 10g outrunner
Battery: 2-3s LiPol

This is the half size FreeBee

The 50% FreeBee is a great choice for beginners, a downscaled version of our regular FreeBee, it is great for indoor or evening outdoor flying. It has such a docile behavior that anyone can fly it. It is extremely tough, has a suspended landing gear for soft landings. It will take off and land from grassy fields. With elevator/rudder control only, it is very easy to fly.
For the experienced pilot the FreeBee will be a joy for relax evening flying, you can buzz around for hours. Flying speed can be slower as a walking man. Equip it with light and have fun night flying.

Wide and sturdy fuselage, large wing area, extremely low wing loading, double dihedral, high camber airfoil, all to give slow and stable flying characteristics. This great looking airframe is the way to have fun in every day flying.

Kit content:

  • Fuselage, wings: CNC cut from EPP foam, color printed.
  • Tails: EPP foam.
  • Suspended landing gear.
  • All required accessories (wheels, pushrods, CNC cut horns, motor mount, carbon stab joiner).
  • Illustrated step by step building instruction.

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