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AFT-Jet (Turbine sls)
AFT-Jet (Turbine sls)

AFT-Jet (Turbine sls)

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Part Number:AFT-Jet mechanism
Gliding powered by a turbine, the ultimate flying experience.

For all pilots that like it it h and that want to show off, we offer here the right self launch system.

The AFT mechanism is suited for any turbine from 60 to 160N. The AFT mechanism is suited for the larger scale ships like:
DG303 M 1:2,3; Discus M1:3- 1:2; DG1000 M1:3-1:2; Swift M1:2,5-1:2; Fox M 1:3-1:2 etc.

What you get:
Turbine self launch retractable mechanism, assembled with limit switches and cables. Control sequencing electronic to extend and retract the turbine. Carbon fibre installation frame (mating your model). Cover hinges. V2A clamp to hold Turbine. Fuel shutoff valve.

Recommended gliders with the most use turbines

  • DG303 Paritech 6,52m ab AFJet SP 80
  • DG1000 Paritech 8,8m  ab AFJet SP120
  • Swift (Airworld) 5,6m ab AFJet SP 80
  • Kobutz  (Airworld) 5,6m ab AFJet SP 80
  • ASK21 (Airworld) 6,8m ab AFJet SP120
  • FOX  (Fliegerland) ab AFJet SP120
  • Salto M1:2,2 ab AFJet SP 80
  • Fox (Paritech) 7.0m, AFTJet SP120

We offer complete installation of AFT Jet units.