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ASH-26 4m (E)
ASH-26 4m (E)

ASH-26 4m (E)

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Scale: 1:4.5
Wing Span: 4.05 m (160")
Length: 1.78 m (70")
Wing Airfoil: RG mod.
Flying Weight: 4.9-5.8 kg (173- 204 oz)
Radio: Standard radio.
Mini and micro servos for the wings.

The ASH-26 manufactured by Schleicher, is a high performance open class (18 m) glider. We at ICARE are very proud to offer here a (1:4.5)  semi-scale reproduction of this very high performance glider.

Emulating the full-size aircraft, this scale ASH 26 constitutes a sweet-handling machine with an extraordinarily wide flight envelope coupled with a nice scale appearance.

The model is extremely stable in the air, and its overall handling and response is very rewarding. The speed range is enormously wide and the way this machine converts excess speed into height is simply amazing!
If you would like to venture into medium-large scale gliders this ASH-26 is a must!

The wings come with carbon reinforced D-box lay-up, are pressed in CNC milled forms and supplied fully pre-sanded and covered. The leading edges and elegant upturned wing tips are integral to the wing. The ailerons and camber changing flaps are finished with Elasti-flap technology. The huge main spar, reinforced with carbon braid runs all the way to the middle of the ailerons and is bonded to both upper and lower wing skins. A second spar bridges the aileron servo box. The factory installed 12 mm diameter steel wing joiner is of hardened steel and is reinforced at the centre with a steel tube.

  • Wings carbon D-box reinforced
  • High quality fiberglass fuselage with integrated fin
  • All control surfaces pre-fabricated and incorporating Elasti-flap technology for ultimate precision and minimum drag
  • Pre-fabricated rudder and horizontal stabilizer with pre-installed elevator bellcrank
  • Pre-installed wing joining system
  • Pre-moulded scale cockpit and clear canopy
  • Complete accessory kit
  • Universal servo frame set
  • Decorative decal set

Radio requirements are two micro servos for the ailerons, two for the flaps. Three regular servos for the elevator, rudder and retract. Additional servos might be installed for aerotow.

Also available as ASH-26E with fuselage prepared for Up&Go installation or FES setup with prop in the nose

Complete combo packages available upon request.

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