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AXI 5325/18 GOLD LINE V2
AXI 5325/18 GOLD LINE V2

AXI 5325/18 GOLD LINE V2

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Part Number:AXI 5325/18 GOLD LINE V2

No. of cells6 - 8 Li-Poly
Max. efficiency92%
Max. efficiency current18 - 65 A (>85%)
No load current / 8 V1.6 A
Current capacity81 A/10 s
Internal Resistance32 mohm
Dimensions (diameter. x lenght)63x64 mm
Shaft diameter8 mm
Weight with cables595 g

This very efficient brushles motor with neodymium magnets and a rotating case is manufactured using the latest technology from the finest quality materials. The hardened steel 8mm shaft is supported by three ball bearings, and the overall robust construction ensures a long service life. Due to it’s high torque characteristics this motor is capable of turning large propellers with a high level of efficiency, and without the need for a gearbox. This motor has been designed especially for wide spread high current 6s and 8s lipols packs of capacity from 4000mAh to 5500mAh.

AXI 5325/18 V2 together with 6s and 8s lipols is capable to reach currents up to 80A shortly and is suitable for sports aerobatic models up to 6000g and 3D models weighing up to 5000g. The lack of gearbox noise makes these motors particularly suitable for scale models. AXI53xx V2 motors offer front and reverse (radial) mounting options, two prop adapters for both mounting options are included as standard, radial mount sold separately.

Recommended setups for AXI 5325/18 V2 GOLD LINE

3D schock50001768s80A/10s90A19"x12"
Engine22 -25 ccm/1.3-1.55 -2stroke 1.4 -4stroke 35 - 45 ccm/2.1-2.7 gasoline

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