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Alpina 5001E (5m)
Alpina 5001E (5m)

Alpina 5001E (5m)

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Part Number:Alpina 5001
Wing Span: 5.00 m (197")
Length: 1.90 m (75")
Wing Area: 96.4 dm2 (1495 po2)
Wing Airfoil: TA-026
Wing Loading: 35 g/dm2 (19.0 oz/sq ft)
Flying Weight: min 6.0 kg (64 oz)
Radio: Micro servos in the wings. Micro servos and std radio see below in the fuselage
power setup see below

The Alpina is a soaring legend. It has set standard in the multitask over 4m span class. This is the 5m span version, where you can recognize the typical Alpina stylish sleek fuselage. The high aspect ratio wing optimized for performance and L/D. Large and aggressive tail and fin for accurate tracking and crisp response.

This is in one of the ultimate soaring experience glider, you can aerotow, slope or best electrify with one of our powerful setups. With a glider of that size you can thermal much further then with a normal TD ship, allowing extended flight time, distance flying, like GPS cross-country, or any LSF task can be easily achieved.

The wings come in four, easy transportable, pieces. Build with full carbon reinforcement and pressed in molds, these wing feature accurate airfoil und sturdy construction. Six or eight control surface are possible for smooth and precise control. The Alpina 5001 Pro is supplied for electric setup ready upon request.

The wings are covered with custom printed low temperature covering for a great look. This airframe is also a show maker, as an electric it will fly like a large hotliner and withstand the wildest aerobatics, though its proven airfoil will make it an incredible thermal ship.

Kit content:
  • 5 m span for more realistic soaring
  • 6 flap wing for best flight and landing characteristics
  • Carbon Master Edition wings for optimized strength and stiffness
  • Live hinges with minimum gap for aerodynamic efficiency
  • Versions: Glider or Electric Glider ARF 2 colors scheme
  • Take-off weight starts from 6 kg

Power package on 6S:

  • Plettenberg HP 220/30/A3 P4 7:1
  • Plettenberg Dinator

Complete servo and power package available upon request

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