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Carbonita ST F5J
Carbonita ST F5J

Carbonita ST F5J

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Part Number:Carbonita ST
Wing Span:4.0 m (157")
Wing Area:85.6 dm2 (1327 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil:VJV1/9-1/9
Wing Loading: 19.8 g/dm2 (6.5 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight:1.6-1.8 kg (57-63 oz)
Radio:Sub Micro servos and micro receiver recommended
MotorMega 16/25/4CE F5J
Powerline 1025

The Carbonita ST F5J is Valenta’s flagship for F5L ALES competition. This is the Xtreme light spreadtow version, which comes in full carbon lay-up. It can take up to 1lbs of ballast for those windy days, to get you back.

It is built with high end hollow moulded techniques, and made from the lightest spreadtow carbon cloth. Wings are in two pieces to save even more weight without scarifying strength. It reduces the inertia of the wing by deducting the weight of a joiner box system half way out wing span like on 3 piece wing.

A massive yet light rectangular carbon joiner joins the wings to the fuselage

This combined to a generous double dihedral, makes the glider fly like a dream, easy and stable handling and turns, it will just stay there once you found that light updraft to keep you aloft.

Generous control surfaces allows landing on the spot, long tail arm and generous fin makes the glider track. Complete LDS hardware is supplied for integral control surface, no linkage outside of wing surface.

The fin is removable for ease of transportation and also to avoid hangar rash. It just plugs into fin base on fuselage and rudder hooks up at the same time.

Nose of fuselage is ready to receive a lightweight setup (F5J style), but it can be cut back to receive a heavier setup and still have you glider balance correctly.

Recommended motors are, Mega ACn16/15/4CE F5J, Powerline 1025, LC250-PG5:1

Complete combo packages are available upon request, just inquiry for currently pricing
Also available as ready build and Rx ready if requested.

Kit Content

  • Fuselage: Molded in carbon. Bellcrank for the all full flying stab factory installed. Pushrods installed. Complete airframe geometry already done for you at factory.
  • Carbon molded canopy fitted with spring music wire attachment system.
  • Two-piece wing: All Spread Tow carbon molded construction, painted in the mold. Ailerons and flaps control surfaces live hinged.
  • Vertical fin:  All spread tow carbon molded construction. Rudder control surface live hinged. Tube/Horn hookup for rudder controls installed at the bottom of the rudder.
  • Horizontal stabilizer:  All spread tow carbon molded construction all-moving stab (in two pieces). Stab joiner carbon rods.
  • Protective wing and stab cover included
  • Wing joiner: Rectangular with integrated diehedral, carbon hollow molded.
  • Hardware package, including compete LDS system for flaps and aileorns.
Inquiry for complete power and servo combo package deals.

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