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Crack Yak 55
Crack Yak 55

Crack Yak 55

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Wing Span: 800mm (31.5")
Length: 800mm (31")
Wing Area: 14.8 dm2 (229 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: Flat
Wing Loading: 12 g/dm2 (3.9 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 180 g (6.3 oz)
Radio: Sub-micro servos and micro receiver
Recommended setup: axi 2203/46, A 7 esc, 2-3 S 120-360mAh, 3 servos TS1002

The new Crack Yak EPP range are top and bottom printed 3D foamies with a 31.5"/800mm wingspan designed for 60-80W brushless motors and 3 servos.

Each RC Factory Crack Yak is produced entirely from EPP and has a target flying weight of 160-200g (5.64-7.05oz). The 31.5"/800m wing is flat, no airfoil. These models are designed to be built quickly.

Due to the entirely pre-printed EPP components, as well as carbon and spruce reinforcements it only takes about 2 evenings to build this very robust and lightweight models.
Over 15 minutes flying fun with Lithium-polymer batteries!
Kit contents: Pre-printed and pre-cut EPP components for fuselage, wings, tail plane,
wing spar, struts and pushrods, landing gear, hardware.
Extremely well balanced model: can be flown extremely slowly and is very robust
Incredible flying manoeuvres, no matter whether flown indoors or outdoors.
No space is too small, no door frame too tight, no manoeuvre too crazy

Complete combo package available upon request

Crack Yak 55 , in either Gold or Blue

Instructions,  Data sheet, build video1, build video2, vid3, vid4


RC Factory Backyard combo set (E26)
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