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Diana 2 6.0m GPS version
Diana 2 6.0m GPS version

Diana 2 6.0m GPS version

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Part Number:Diana 2 (6m)
Scale 1:2.5 (40%)
Wing Span: 6.0 m (236")
Length: 2.77 m (109")
Wing Area:  dm2 ( sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: JL301-308 (10%-8%)
Wing Loading: 80-115 g/dm2 (21 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 10.8 kg (23.7 lbs)

Standard radio
Std - high torque servos for the wings


The SZD-56 Diana is a 15 metre class glider originally designed by Bogumil Beres at PZL-Bielsko. However, PZL Bielsko went bankrupt before it could be put into serial production.
The rights to the design were taken over by a new entity, Diana Sailplanes, which developed the design further and called it the Diana 2.
By 2011 the aircraft was being produced by Design Office Bogumil Beres. The glider first flew on 12 January 2005. (source wiki)

The Megastar in our hangar - unique, extravagant, graceful, unmistakable, exclusive, breathtaking.
Full scale replica of the legendary Polish racing ship a 1: 2.5 scale and high-quality full carbon construction.

This 6 m ship is a true all-rounder.
It tracks  like on rails over the GPS cours, thermals like a bird's feather in the lightest thermal, rolls with agility through a variety of aerobatic maneuvers.
The airfoil has specially been developed for this aircraft, and gives the six-flaps glider an incredibly wide range of applications.

Optionally available as self-launch with electric power system in the fuselage.

A true dream for every ambitious model pilot.

The quality level of this kit is gorgeous, all made from CNC machined moulds, here the kit content:

- Completely finished fuselage, with (optional) installed retractable landing gear (std or FES type)
- 2 piece wing, 6 servos control (flaps, camber, ailerons), RDS linkage
- Massive floating square carbon joiner
- Canopy fitted and locking mechanism

- Self launch system
- Ballast set
- Protective bags

Radio requirements are six servos in the wings, and four regular servos for the elevator, rudder, retract, and tow release

Complete combo packages available upon request.

Building service available

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