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Discus 2b 4m
Discus 2b 4m

Discus 2b 4m

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Part Number:Discus 2b 4m


Scale: 1:3.75
Wing Span: 4.0 m (158")
Length: 1.85 m (71")
Wing Area: 65.3 dm2 (1012 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: HQ 2.5/12
Wing Loading: 104 g/dm2 (34 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: >6.8 kg (240 oz)
Radio: Standard radio
Micro servos for the wings

This Discus 2b is the latest standard class (15 m) from Shemp-Hirth. It superseded the Discus with this new planform and tip poly break. This new poly wing lead to better handling in thermals.

With a span of 4 m this 1:3.75 scale Discus 2b is one of our finest scale gliders. The winglets give it a great look while it does also provide a nice handling in all situation.

This glider comes completely built, and ready for radio installation. All parts are of high gloss white finish moulded parts. High strength wings with ailerons and flaps controls, live hinged and gapless. Comes with a 16mm hardened steel joiner. Fuselage reinforced with high strength carbon tows. Scale seat with instrument panels. 2K polyurethane painted parts for UV stability, no yellowish gel coat over the years. Top of fuselage repainted for seamless look. Available in full carbon version if requested.

Kit content:

  • Discus 2b base kit includes the protective wing bags

  • Airbrakes installed

  • Complete decals set

  • Complete hardware set

The deluxe version version offer these additions:

  • Complete retractable landing gear with gas damper and actuating servo, wheel fender, D-box fuselage reinforcement.

  • Canopy fitted, mounted to frame with actuating mechanism, cockpit outfit and canopy sun shield

Radio requirements are two micro servos for the ailerons, two micro servos for the flaps and two micro servos for the airbrakes and four regular servos for the elevator, rudder, retract, and tow release.

For transportation and handling we have also available a molded transportation case. Experience has proven that most damage to models are due to hangar rush during transportation. This case will give the required protection to your valuable model. It comes with a handle and two wheels assembly, to ease the transportation around the field. It has two gas cylinders to hold the top open, several molded bulkhead to received the fuselage and wings and hold them in place. This carry case is a replica of the real transportation Cobra trailer. It is suitable for most scale gliders in the 4.0 m wing span range.

Discus 2b (4 m) FG  ARF base kit, price: 1829.00 $ US

Discus 2b (4 m) ARF deluxe kit, price: 2529.00 $ US

Discus 2bM (4 m) FG super scale RTF self launch glider kit, price: inquiry

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