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Duo Discus 6.06m
Duo Discus 6.06m

Duo Discus 6.06m

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Part Number:Duo Discus 6.06m
Scale: 1:3.3
Wing Span: 6.06 m (238")
Length: 2.62m (103")
Wing Area: dm2 ( in2)
Wing Airfoil: HQ 3/12 - 12
Flying Weight: 12.5 kg (28 lbs)
Radio: Standard radio.
Mini to micro servos for the wings.

The Duo Discus is the current two-place sailplane in production at Schempp-Hirth in Germany. It’s triple-taper leading edge and forward swept wings span 20 m giving it a glide ratio of 45:1 and a wonderful graceful appearance in the air. Although it has performance similar to the original single place Discus, this glider was designed for training, making it more forgiving and very popular within the pilots.

With a span of 6.06 meters this 1:3.3 scale Duo Discus is one of our finest scale gliders. It carries several interesting features.

It brakes down so that it is very transportable, even in a standard car. An exceptional weight to size ratio, and a great handling, for easy thermal flying.

The construction of this model is a mix of all moulded parts, like the fuselage, cockpit frame, and interior and the proven SAS technology of Obechi sheeted foam wings. The wing brakes down into 4 pieces and is joined at the fuselage by a square 25mm square joiner. The tip panels a joined with a 16mm dia. joiner. Wings feature a solid full span spar system, giving the highest strength for very high speed and aerobatics. Wings and elevator are supplied finished and sanded to shape, in a ready to cover stage. Servo bays are installed and ready to receive the servos. For the fuselage all needed bulkheads and parts are ready CNC cut. Rudder and elevator servo installation is designed into the fin, and the necessary hardware is included. Ailerons are split and live hinged. They require each a servo, allowing the possibility of proportional mix and differential. A clear canopy and a moulded fibreglass frame is supplied in the kit. CNC machined frames and parts are supplied to received the retractable landing gear and the tail wheel. As a novelty, a complete scale cockpit outfit kit is supplied, it comes with both CNC milled instrument panels with instruments to complete the cockpit. Per customer which it is also possible to install easily a self launch system.

Kit Content

Exclusive kit with all parts needed to finish it. Sturdy, all white epoxy/fiberglass fuselage, clear canopy, fibreglass moulded cockpit frame. Elevator ready to cover. CNC cut fuselage bulkhead set with servo tray. High strength, Obechi sheeted wing, with full spar system, ready to cover. All joiner system installed, airbrakes installed, servo bay ready, finished sanded, ready to cover. Moulded scale cockpit kit. Extensive hardware set, decals set and instructions.

Duo Discus cockpit outfit kit, all moulded parts and cnc cut parts for the instruments panels, this kit is included in the kit.

Optional retractable landing gear for Duo Discus (112m dia wheel), includes installation hardware. This is not included in the kit. Price:

Radio requirements are four micro servos for the ailerons and two for the airbrakes, and four regular servos for the elevator, rudder, retract, and tow release

Complete combo packages available upon request.

Duo Discus T (6.06 m) ARC glider kit with self launch system, price: inquiry

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