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EMA SCALE 1200-1800
EMA scale 1200-1800

EMA SCALE 1200-1800

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Weight complete:  440g (15.5 oz) (1200)
 550g (19.4 oz) (1400)
 610g (21.5 oz) (1600)
 615g (21.6 oz) (1800)
Height: 235mm (8.5 in) (1200)
260mm (8.5 in) (1400-1800)
Motor: Inrunner w/planetary gearbox
Battery: 10S LiPo from 2000mAh
Motor controller: 60A - 90A (required)
Prop: RFM 18 x 9 folding (1200)
RFM 19 x 8 folding (1400-1800)

The EMA line of scale power pods
(Electric Motor Assisted) are designed to bring your scale glider, vintage glider ore even the large multi-task gliders to height without the need of a tow plane, winch or hi-start. It allows to get more flight time out of your favorite glider when you rely on yourself to get your plane into altitude. These units are also very useful for slope or Alpine soaring, as a safe return home device when the thermals or wind die out.

The EMA scale 1200-1800 are fitted with a very slim line (very low drag) and efficient in-runner motor and planetary gearbox, rated respectively at 1200W - 1800W for gliders of 12.0 to 18.0 kg ( 27-40 lbs ).
Motor diameter is only 30mm which gives the least drag and it is fitted with a special aerodynamically optimized planetary gearbox with needle bearings.
It features also a special designed, custom made, folding prop assembly carrying a set of efficient carbon folding blades.
It requires a 60A-90A esc and a 10S 2000mAh 45C LiPo battery
Installation in the model is made with the use of the supplied wooden CNC frame that is glued inside top of the fuselage and will hold securely the unit. By un-tightening the holding screw the unit is quickly removed.
What you get is an assembled EMA scale power pod ready to use, with fitted folding blades assembly, pre-wired motor with connectors, and an installation wooden frame for the fuselage.
ESC shall be installed inside the fuselage and allows to install the batteries the most forward possible to reduce the needed nose weight to balance your glider.

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