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Eraser Xtreme
Eraser Xtreme

Eraser Xtreme

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Part Number:eraserxtreme
Wing Span:3.2 m (124")
Wing Area:68 dm2 (1054 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil:MH-32
Flying Weight:1.9 - 2.2 kg (67 - 77 oz)
Wing loading:31 g/dm2 (10 oz/sq. ft.)
Radio:Micro servos in the wings
and regular equipment in the fuselage.

As reviewed in S&EM, now Quit Flyer. Also read review online at EZONE (click here).

The Eraser Xtreme are pure F3J or thermal duration (TD) glider. These designs have proven over the years that they are highly competitive and the faithfulness of the pilots to this design shows that other designs don't fulfill their requirement as well. So it remains a well balanced design using state of the art technology, yet completely hand made process.

Hollow core moulded wings with special bottom hinged flaps (for full 90 deg. down flaps) leads to stable approach and accurate landings. The MH-32 Airfoil has a very wide speed range, it's full potential can be obtained when using full flap control over the different flight configuration: a couple of degrees down in thermal turns, a degree reflex in transition. Small changes in camber have substantial changes in behaviour, which help outperform other standard designs. The whole model is built strong yet light achieving an average weight of around 2-2.2 kg.

The versatility and it's ease of use will allow aggressive competition flying as well as everyday smooth thermalling.

Options available and kit contents:
Coloured strong Fiberglas fuse with carbon reinforcement tows, removable nose cone and moulded servo tray. Tail pushrods are installed. Fuselage has also one ballast tube, on the bottom of the fuse, below the wings, which can accept up to one pound of lead. The Eraser has an adjustable tow hook to optimize hand tows. Hollow core moulded wings are in three pieces. Center panel bolts down to the fuse and tips are connected to the center panel by means of rectangular carbon wing joiner and two locating pins. All moving parts are gapless hinged. Available in V-tail or cross tail configuration. Moulded servo cover, Allen keys for the different bolts and hardware are included.

The options:
  • Eraser Xtreme. This design was created particularly for the US TD contests, a real landing machine, light and stable. Similar in all aspect to the above F3J version except in the construction. Fuselage is a special Kevlar/carbon lay-up, to save maximum of weight, no ballast tube, minimal pushrods. The wings feature a hollow carbon spar, very stiff yet very light and with a light wing skin of glass/balsa or Rohacell/glass, the wings remain stiff and strong for tuff winch launches. This is a contender as being the lightest of all version and at such a light weight you can't miss the spot any more.
  • Xtreme D-box is a sturdier version of the Xtreme, it has an additional carbon lay-up between the leading edge and the spar, making the wing more durable for hand grabbing and adding slight tortional stiffness. This is probably the most popular version.
The Xtrem has now proven with his designer Lubos to be one of the finest F3J glider on the market. Lubos finished 4th at the WC in Finland and 1st at the 2001 European F3J Championship, flown with the new rules! After several years of refinement of this models it is now a great and well balanced design, using the latest knowledge in composite construction technology.

Following options and accessories are also available:
  • Custom paint scheme.
  • Servo packages (JR, Futaba, Hitec) and wing servo wire harness.
  • Carry bags.

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