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Flamingo 2006
Flamingo 2006

Flamingo 2006

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Part Number:Flamingo 2006
Wing Span: 2.850 m (112")
Wing Area: 55 dm2 (852
Fuse length 1.35m (53")
Wing Airfoil: HQ 2.5/10
Flying Weight: 2.4 - 2.8 kg (84-99 oz)
Wing loading: approx. 42g/dm2 (14.4oz/sq.ft)
Radio: Micro servos in the wings. Micro or mini equipment in the fuselage.

Flamingo 2006, the little sister of the Alpina  series, the feel of a large glider in a compact size.

Its excellent maneuverability, that were only common with small models, lets it fly at smaller slopes and it excels in aerobatics. The Carbon Master Edition (CME) construction is designed for heavy aerobatics and Alpine soaring, it is also ideally suited for powerful electric setup to make this beast a show demon. Full flap control will substantially increase the flight spectrum. The use of crow allow precise spot landings. It is a high performance multi task glider, with a low sink rate, a convincing glide ratio,
great circle flight characteristics, wide speed range and an outsanding strength in this category.
The control surfaces have a mimalized gap reducing drag, The light weight wing combined with camber control, allows slow circling in light thermals, as well as fast dynamic flying for aerobatics, in any condition. The full flying stab provides precise flight control. The tail of the fuselage provides great flight tracking and allows a balanced eletric power installation.

The little weight increase of the drive system is considered by many pilots to be an advantage as it serves to enhance the dynamic flight characteristics of the model yet it still responds very well to thermal activity. The model’s broad speed range makes it easy to cross large areas of poor air quickly and easily, and you will need to have no fear of turbulent conditions.


  • Wings are made in Carbon Master Edition
  • High quality, light  weight fiberglass fuselage, carbon reinforced, with integrated fin
  • Live hinge Technology on all control surfaces for ultimate precision and minimum drag
  • Pre-fabricated rudder made from hand selected balsa
  • Weight optimized all flying horizontal stabilizer with pre-installed bellcrank
  • Pre-installed wing joining system
  • Ideal for use with 3-4S LiPo power setup
  • Complete accessory kit
  • Pre-covered in design colors in Top foil and hand finished, including decoration

Power package on 3S:

  • Mega 22/3S
  • Mega 22/1kW

Complete servo and power package available upon request

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