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Gladiator G2
Gladiator G2

Gladiator G2

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Part Number:gladiator-g2
Wing Span:1.49 m (59")
Wing Area:21.5 dm2 (334 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: HN 487
Wing Loading:13 g/dm2 (3.9 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight:270-320 g (9.5-11 oz)
Radio:Sub Micro servos and micro receiver recommended

The Gladiator G2 is currently the finest all molded DLG on the market. A real contender with astonishing quality, Full span ailerons/flaps, sturdy all carbon fuselage, a full balsa tail feather. It feature a HN 487 airfoil, designed for DLG, giving excellent height launches and great thermal performances.

Here the key features of this nice design:

Wide speed range envelope with full flapped airfoil, by using the reflex and camber change for the high speed launch to the low speed thermal flight.

Wing is hollow moulded construction, colored in mould. Left/right wing tip reinforced to receive throw peg.

Ailerons are bottom hinged, so will give a good 90deg down travel.
Ailerons are actuated from servos in the pod, reducing inertia of wing, by means of a clever torque rod system, easy to hook up and without any play. Makes a clean and very efficient wing.

Full carbon pod and boom fuselage, with removable nose cone for easy radio access. Long nose reduces the need of weight.

Tail feather control actuated by accurate pull pull system.





Kit content:
All parts of the Gladiator G2 are pre-finished so very little time is required to get it into the air. The hollow moulded wing is completely finished and of a beautiful finish. The tail surfaces are pre-cut, sanded and painted ready to be glued in place. The fuselage comes assembled. Small hardware and instructions are completing the kit.

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