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Glider retract landing gear FES, 127mm wheel, 1:2.5-3.2 scale, 8-20kg model weight, complete set
Glider retract landing gear FES, 127mm wheel, 1:2.5-3.2 scale, 8-20kg model weight, complete set

Glider retract landing gear FES, 127mm wheel, 1:2.5-3.2 scale, 8-20kg model weight, complete set

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Part Number:FEMA Retract FES 127mm (P/N 9864 ASG-29 6m)
FEMA retracts for 8-20kg gliders, scale 1:2.5 - 3.2, fitted with a 127mm dia. solid rubber wheel and wheel brace.
This is the FES combo package and is suited for gliders similar to the ASG-29 6m (Tangent)
See combo package content bottom of page.
A retractable landing gear is an absolute must for a scale or semi-scale glider. The "FEMA retractable undercarriages" are used very successfully since years and have demonstrated many times their reliability in flight operations. Mr. Gardemin wrote in his test report about retractable undercarriages:
»FEMA retractable undercarriages are designed without any technical frills, but 100%
functional and stable."

This statement is FEMA also remains the commitment to the further development. The new generation of FEMA retracts for large gliders is a further development of the proven Retracts, FEMA manufactures since 1988.

The retracts are characterized by the following features:
Reliable operation. Both end positions locked.
Highly effective wheel brake (optionally available) for the security for the model and the environment.
Spring-loaded mounting (optionally available) for soft landings.
Robust mounting in the fuselage in two plywood bulkheads.
Installation height in the fuselage widely variable.
with the optional servo mount, possibility to installation 1-4 servos is no problem (retract, tow release, rudder and elevator)
The spring steel wheel brace ensures a safe function of the retract doors.
A detailed installation manual simplifies installation.

With these retracts, sets
FEMA new standards in terms of quality, modularity and price.

The Retractable are designed modular and can therefore be optimally adapted to all conditions of use. The retracts can be optionally fitted tightly between two bulkheads or suspended with shock absorber. In conjunction with the solid rubber wheels from FEMA, this Retracts withstand extreme loads.

For standard applications with extreme operating conditions, the rigid mounting between 2 fuselage bulkheads has proven optimal. For soft landings on hard runways, we recommend the spring-loaded mounting. The gas pressure spring provides cushioning even in the hardest landings. The damping can be adjusted by three damping variants deliverable adapted to the model weight. The required spring force of the gas spring can be calculated using the following rule of thumb:

Spring force (N) = model weight in kg x 40 (1kg ~ -t10N). There are gas springs with spring forces of 200N, 300N, 400N available. For models over 10kg weight 2 gas springs must be installed (over 20kg 3 pcs).
For the safety of your model and the environment, we recommend the installation of a wheel brake, regardless of whether you are installing the retract fixed or sprung. The wheel brake is operated by a servo and can, despite the high braking force, used very sensitively. When rigid mounting the retract the brake servo can be mounted on the front bulkhead or directly on the retract frame.
When spring-loaded, the brake servo has to be mounted onto the retract frame, so that during compression of the wheel brake works safely. If the brake servo attached to the retract frame, a bellcrank P/N 9890/22 is required.

Combo package content (P/N 9864 / ASG-29):
9864  Assembled landing gear with FEMA wheel 127mm dia and bow.
9890/60 Z-shaped servo mount, finished for all std servos, 40 x 20 mm
9890/62 Angles clevis with threaded M3 rod
9864/11 Wheel brake for wheel dia. 127mm
9890/22 Reversing lever for wheel brake, suitable for all retractable undercarriages
9890/64 L-shaped servo mount, finished for all std servos, 40 x 20 mm
9810/14 Wheel cover from glass for wheel diameter of 112-127mm
9810/15 additional kit for spring-loaded mounting without gas pressure spring
9890/200 gas pressure spring, 200N springiness
9890/300 gas pressure spring, 300N springiness


Servo Safety Fuse Modul (for retractable landing gear)
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