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Graecalis 3m
Graecalis 3m

Graecalis 3m

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Wing Span: 3.0 m (118")
Length: 1.60 m (63")
Wing Area: 56.8 dm2 (880 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: Bex 1809
Wing Loading: 89 g/dm2 ( oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 5.1 kg (180 oz)
Radio: Standard radio.
Sub-micro servos for the wings.
GRAECALIS 3.0 is the new trend in aerobatic gliders. It was developed by the VOLOINPENDIO Team Italy specifically for unlimited and unrestricted Aerobatic flying.

GRAECALIS 3.0 is manufactured as an all moulded fiberglass epoxy and carbon version. For the fiberglass version, the wings, the elevator and rudder are made in classical hollow moulded sandwich technology with carbon reinforcement and is very sturdy. The All carbon gets a layer of carbon in the skin sandwich, making iot rock solid.
The aileron and flaps are coming as live hinged "elastoflap". The fuselage is reinforced in both version with carbon tows in the highly stressed areas.
Wing joiner is made from 14mm diameter steel.
The cockpit framel is made from fiberglass, and the clear cabin canopy is thermo-formed.
You can also get the GRAECALIS 3.0 in RTF version so "ready to fly" with servos installed by us.

GRAECALIS 3.0 is offered in 5 different colors as follows: Top Yellow Bottom Yellow - Blue stripes, Top Green Bottom Green - Black stripes, Top White Bottom White - Blue stripes, Top Orange Bottom Orange - Black stripes , Top Red Bottom Red - White stripes. In the case of the full Carbon version, the underside can also be completely in Carbon look.

The production time for non stock kits is usually about 6 - 8 weeks from order

Kit content:

  •  Epoxy glass fuselage with carbon reinforcement
  •  Clear canopy with fiberglass frame and seat, instrument mushroom
  •  2 pieces wings hollow moulded, carbon reinforced, all control surfaces live hinged
  •  Tail surfaces hollow moulded fiberglass/carbon
  •  Hardware, instructions.

Radio requirements are six high torque servos for the ailerons, flaps, elevator and rudder. An additional servo might be installed for aerotow.

This glider is also very well suited for the installation of a Jetec80 edf or FES

Inquiry for current combo packages and ready built airframes.

Available with Jetec-80:


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