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Grumman F9F Panther
Grumman F9F Panther

Grumman F9F Panther

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Part Number:Grumman F9F Panther

Wing Span: 1.09 m (40")
Length: 1.09 m (40")
Wing Area: 17.4 dm2 (269 sq. in.)
Flying Weight:   2.2 kg (77 oz)
Radio: micro and mini servos.
Motor 90 mm edf, schuebeler DS
6-10S LiPo

The full-size jet

Even though it may not be immediately obvious, the F9F Panther ranks as one of the classic old-timer jets. The machine was designed by Grumman in the period after 1945, as the company’s first jet aircraft. As such, the Panther was following in the footsteps of Grumman’s other famous felines, such as the Hellcat and Bearcat. The F9F completed its first flight in November 1947, and first saw active service in the Korean War, where it was employed primarily in the ground combat role. At that time its opponent was the MiG 15 - the classic from the Soviet camp. Since the Panther could operate from ships as well as land bases, it was flown both by the US Navy and the Marines. The Panther F9F has many characteristic features, including a round fuselage cross-section, graceful, flowing lines, un-swept wings, and tip tanks of elegant shape.

The model

The F9F’s fuselage is light, but at the same time capacious, making it an excellent choice for the installation of an electric ducted fan (EDF) power system. The obvious type is a 90 mm fan (such as the aero-naut Turbo Fan 1000 or the carbon Moki fan), the model’s air ducts are already prepared for this edf size. Fitted with a suitable motor, the model offers an above-average flight performance, but it is also possible to install an even larger ducted fan unit (up to approx. 110 mm Ø) at the builder’s discretion.


The model’s outstanding features include the following:


• Components produced from CNC-machined moulds for super-accurate parts fit

• Maximum pre-fabrication - all-molded fiberglass construction

• Air ducts factory-installed

• Pigmented surfaces of the highest quality

• Optimum airframe strength combined with minimum weight

• Ample space for radiuo gear and batteries

• The option of retro-fitting a slightly larger power system

• Docile flying characteristics and high performance.

Optional pneumatic retract (7358/52), price: 199.00U$

Complete combo package available upon request, power setup, servo package, etc..

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