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HET EDF fan unit 6904
HET EDF fan unit 6904

HET EDF fan unit 6904

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Part Number:HET-6904

Same class as 480 mini fan unit
Intake ring is included for extra thrust (3.17mm and 4mm adapters included)
This fan features the same specs as the mini fan 480, is slightly stiffer which will provide an additional 10% of thrust.

Ideally suited motors:

Mega 16/15/2 on 3S
Mega 16/20/2 on 4S
Mega 16/15/3 on 4S
Mega 16/25/2 on 4S
Mega 16/25/3 on 5-6S

Technical Data:

- Carbon Filled Plastic, Aluminum

- Outside Diameter: 72mm

- Inside Diameter: 69mm

- Weight: 56 grams - 68 grams (with cooling ring)

- Rotor: 4 bladed (68mm) dynamically balanced

- Fits into a Wemotec mini fan space

- Comes complete with tools and instructions

- The Het fan proved to be very fast compared to the mini fan