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HYPERION EOS 0606i 6S AC/DC Charger (50w max) - US
HYPERION EOS 0606i 6S AC/DC Charger (50w max) - US

HYPERION EOS 0606i 6S AC/DC Charger (50w max) - US

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Part Number:HP-EOS0606i-AD-US

Hyperion EOS 0606i 6S 6A max CHARGER AC/DC now with STORE MODE. Integrated LBA balancer for LiPoly(3.7v), LiFePO4/A123(3.3v). Also Nicd, NiMH, and Lead-Acid charge modes. Dataport for PC software. 11v~15VDC and 100v~240V AC Inputs - Hyperion and XH Balance Multi-Adapter included for 2S to 6S packs!

Version "C" come with original HP and XH type multi adapters."C" type has LIPO and LIFE are both on same menu level as PB, NiCd and NiMH. (It was in a sub menu in "B" type)See DATASHEET for User's Manual and full details.


  • Dual Input power choices, AC for home use and DC for outdoors
  • Powerful, compact and powerful with wide support for all battery types
  • Integrated Hyperion LBA balancer for LiPo (3.7v) and LiFe(3.3v) based cells
  • Balance Multi adaptor for 2S to 6S packs included
  • Charge and Discharge modes (Cycling for NiCd and NiMh)
  • Clear and easy to read LCD screen with Warnings for common setup errors
  • packaged in a rugged Aluminum case with long input leads
  • Optional other common brand multi connector adaptors also available

Included with the package:

  • EOS 0606i 6S AC/DC Charger (50w max) - US Cord x 1


  • Input Voltage Range: 11-15V DC or 100-240V AC at 50~60Hhz
  • Battery Types:
    • NiCD/NiMh: 1-14 cells
    • LiPo: 1-6 cells (100~6000maH) 3.7v/cell type only)
    • LiFe: 1-6 cells (3.3v/cell types including A123 and LifePo4 brand cells)
    • PB: 1-6 cells (2v/cell nominal)
  • Charge Current: 0.1A~6.0A Max by 100mA steps(50Watt limit)
  • Discharge Current: 0.1A~1.0A Max by 10mA steps(5Watt limit)
  • Trickle Charge Current: 0~200mA (NiCd/NiMh only)
  • Charge Termination:
    • "Delta V" Peak detection for NiCd/NiMh
    • "CC/CV" for Lithium polymer and Lead Acid batteries
  • Cycling modes: Charge>Discharge / Discharge>Charge (NiCd/NiMh only)
  • Display Type: 2 Line, 16 character Blue backlit LCD

Safety Intructions:

  • Keep the charger away from reach of Children and Pets at all Times
  • Do not attempt to charge non rechargeable batteries or Li-Ion (3.6V) type
  • Always keep the charger on a firm, level and fireproof surface before charging
  • Always follow correct connection sequence while powering up
  • Use only one power source at a time i.e DC or AC. Use of both will damage the charger
  • Keep away from carpets and cloting material while charging
  • Do not leave the charger unattended for long time while charging
  • Charge in a well ventilated area and do not obstuct the air intake holes of the charger
  • Always follow battery manufacturer ratings for charging batteries
  • Do not attempt to open the charger for repair, this will void warranty
  • Keep away from moisture, liquids and other foreign objects while charging
  • Read operating manual carefully before using the charger for first time

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