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Hand-held transmitter BAT 60
Hand-held transmitter BAT 60

Hand-held transmitter BAT 60

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Part Number:Hand-held transmitter BAT 60

From modelers for modelers:
weatronic ® hand-held transmitter BAT 60

High Tech Standard made ​​in Germany from the Center for Aerospace.
With its own transmitters weatronic is a sign of their innovativeness and the current possibilities in data transmission. A variety of security issues from the man-carrying flying find exactly so again, as the result of extensive practical experience. The simple lines, a comfortable handling underscored by technical highlights offer flight entertainment at a new level.

Innovations in detail. The transmitter family of weatronic features in addition to the built-in Linux PC a separate Flight Micro-Controller. In this controller, all settings of the transmitter and the model are stored in parallel. Even with removing the Linux PC during the flight the transmitter would all control commands continue to be transmitted reliably.
The Linux PC provides the user interface. Perform the wide range of settings. Beginners will appreciate the ease of han by predefined models and the intuitive user interface - professionals admire the individually adjustable to the last curves, mixers and functions.

Special solutions for demanding pilots:

  • Bidirectional, redundant transmission system with 2 integrated patch antenna ensures a very large range of over 5,000 meters under unobstructed view
  • Intelligent battery management as a safety feature:
    • 4 Li-Ion cells à 3000 mAh with its own charge-discharge circuitry, including single-cell monitoring, overload protection and additional measurement of temperature and current
    • 3 cells are connected in parallel to the main supply, cell 1 is always reserved as a spare (rotating)
    • Charging is possible during operation with a generous input voltage range of 10-19 volts
  • Separation of Flight Controller and Linux PC - the separation of the two elements ensures maximum safety and offers the user additional benefits

Newly designed, innovative Sticks:

  • 9x ball bearings, thanks to Hall sensors absolutely wear-free and true 12-bit resolution (4096 steps)
  • Individual characteristics of the sticks by adjustable restoring forces and easily replaceable feedback parts (forces, force vectors and screening) give each pilot the right feeling
  • Completely new perspectives through innovative gas-brake lever concept right feeling

Special features of the user interface:

  • Extra large 5 "capacitive color touch screen ensures good visibility
  • Intuitive, easy to use menu navigation
  • Built-in Linux PC upgradeable at any time
  • Simple and logical programming including model examples
  • Adjustable limit values ​​and alert thresholds for increased safety
  • 16 phases of flight possible with an allocation of up to 10 flight phases per model - for every application the perfect preparation
  • FlexRate, FlexExpo and Flexdifferential adjustable via encoder, also per flight phase
  • Up to 64 mixers are per flight phase adjustable
  • Function curves for all functions per flight phase (33 points)
  • Use of the model in the model memory within 1 second after switching on the transmitter
  • Transmission of single or multiple windows on external WiFi-enabled devices (phone, laptop, tablet, PC, etc.) offers maximum input comfort
  • Internal recording of all relevant flight data

Special features of the hand-held transmitter BAT 60:

  • 22 freely programmable controls for up to 64 servos allow almost unlimited control functions
  • Transmitter suspension centrally located and easily balanced
  • Rubberized hand rests
  • Studded back for a secure fit
  • Holding / parking rack on the back
  • External ports on the front side are protected against mechanical stresses and impurities
  • 2 USB ports, connector for stereo headphones, microSD card slot, connector for PPM signal and USB mini B port
  • Fully equipped with two three-stage toggle switches, 2 two-stage toggle switches, 4 three-stage rocker switches, 6 digital endless rotary encoders with additional push-button function and 4 proportional potentiometers
  • Approved in accordance with the ETSI standard EN 300 328 V1.8.1, including "listen before talk" (LBT)

Technical Data:

  • Transmission: An adaptive frequency hopping with listen before talk function
  • Hopping frequencies: 80
  • Antenna: 2x patch antenna (angle> 180 °)
  • 4 Li-Ion Cells a 3.000 mAh
  • Operating and charging voltage: 10,0 - 19,0 Volt
  • Temperature range: -10° C bis +60° C, non-condensing
  • Housing dimensions: 218 x 195 x 55 mm (L x W x H)

Scope of supply:

  • BAT 60
  • Transmitter case with foam insert
  • Sticks with a length of 28mm
  • Power supply with different attachments for worldwide operation
  • weatronic strap
  • Quick Guide to create a new model easily
  • 2x Allen wrench to open the transmitter and change the feedback Parts
  • Additional 4 Feedback Parts for the stick units ( SL, CD, CS & CH)

Additional Information:

  • Mode = 1/3 ratchet right / Mode 2/4 = ratchet left
  • The sticks are equipped with the following feedback parts: 3xCN 1xST
  • Videos about the BAT 60 can be found on our YouTube channel