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Handlaunch Master Class 2
Handlaunch Master Class 2

Handlaunch Master Class 2

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The second training DVD in the Handlaunch Master Class series, this program introduces you to advanced flying techniques with a strong focus on competition flying. Handlaunch gliding is now an official world R/C soaring class called F3K, and DVD this features top level pilots flying in an actual competition narrating everything they do during the contest flights. If you've never seen the skill and athletic ability involved in launching, thermaling and precision landing a 1.5 meter glider in a contest, then you're in for a real treat!

In section one, you will first learn the basic F3K contest rules and tasks in detail so if you want to fly a contest, you'll know what's going on and what is expected with each task. In the second section, national champion Bruce Davidson shares his tips, techniques and strategies for F3K contest task flying. He covers contest strategy, teamwork, timing, and demonstrates a workout practice drill to improve your thermal catching skills.

In section three, you follow pilots Bruce and expert Dave Klein as they fly 2 days of the Polecat Challenge F3K gliding tournament, one of the largest contests in the U.S. Both pilots are mic'd up and they describe everything they are doing and thinking on camera during the intense contest heats. This unique footage is incredibly informative and you'll learn a lot just by watching them fly the timed thermal catching tasks.

Even if you don't want to test your piloting skills in a contest, you'll find this training program fascinating and educational as the tips and techniques shown will surely help you improve your sport flying. You'll learn lots of air calling and thermaling tips as well as advanced contest strategies for flying the new standardized F3K flying tasks. This is the first training program to have live contest action and you will find the footage fascinating and educational.


Even if you are thinking contest flying is not for you, I guarantee you will find the Handlaunch Master Class 2 interesting and educational. If you don't, you can return or exchange it, no questions asked.


You can order all three of the Master Class DVDs together for only $59.95.

Topics Covered:

• F3K Contest Rules • Contest Timed Tasks • Team Work • Stop Watch Work • Air Calling • Launching