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Hera F3J +tail
Hera F3J +tail

Hera F3J +tail

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Part Number:Hera F3J +tail
Wing Span:3.1 m (122")
Wing Area:64 dm2 (999 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil:SA 7035
Flying Weight:1.9 - 2.1 kg (67 - 74 oz)
Wing loading:35 g/dm2 (10 oz/sq. ft.)
Radio:Micro servos in the wings
and regular equipment in the fuselage.

The Hera (F3J) won the 1998 Canadian F3J Nationals, and had several wins in other local contests. It has been chosen by a dozen top pilots for the US F3J Team trials in July 1999. Both designs are made, using the best knowledge in hollow core molded wings. The wings are a beauty, in airfoil respect and surface finish. It has nothing to envy to an Esprit or similar glider, everything is perfect: fit, finish and performance. The long tail arm gives the Hera a smooth, gentle and predictable handling. It can handle tight continuous thermal turns with minor input, a must to make the most out of the lightest thermal. The S7035 has excellent climb rate, a wider speed range as the SD7037 and consequently better L/D. We think that there are three aspects which make a good TD glider:
  1. the handling for clean thermal turns and accurate landing.
  2. a clean, efficient airfoil for a wide speed range and a high L/D,  to increases the working range far beyond others.
  3. a low wing loading, to out climb other in the same thermal.

All these aspects are packed in the Hera for the demanding  thermal duration competitor.

Standard kit content:
Strong colored Fiberglas fuse with removable nose cone and molded servo tray. V-tail pushrods are installed. The Hera has an adjustable tow hook to optimize hand tows. Hollow core molded wings are in three pieces. Center panel bolts down to the fuse and tips are connected to the center panel by means of rectangular carbon wing joiner and two locating pins. All moving parts are gapless hinged. Molded servo cover and Allen keys for the different bolts are included. Standard Hera weights average 64-67 oz. 

Following options and accessories are also available:
  • Custom paint scheme.
  • Servo packages (JR, Futaba, Hitec) and wing servo wire harness.
  • Carry bags.

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