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KST A20-3813 std servo
KST A20-3813 std servo

KST A20-3813 std servo

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Part Number:KST-A20-3813
Weight: 72 g (2.53 oz)
Size: 40.5 x 20 x 38 mm (1.59 x 0.78 x 1.49 inch)
Speed: 0.15 sec./60 deg at 6.0 V
0.13 sec / 60 deg at 7.4 V
0.12 sec / 60 deg at 8.4 V
Torque: 30 (416 at 6V
38 (527 at 7.4V
43 (597 at 8.4V
Ball bearing: dual
Motor type: Coreless motor
Plug type: JR universal

The KST A20-3813 is
a high voltage 20 mm thick 72 g servo

Great for control surface that require precise control under high load.

KST improved its geartrain machining tolerances, and this servo is completely slop free, and equal to products costing twice as much.
This servo has metal gears, and is very tough.

The KST A20-3813 high torque, good speed, and relative small size makes it suitable for many high performance glider, pylon racers and EDF applications.
With up to torque the KST A20-3813 is appropriate for scale glider, and many types of high performance models.

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