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Ka6e 4.2m
Ka6e 4.2m

Ka6e 4.2m

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Part Number:Ka6e 4.2m

Scale: 1:3.5
Wing Span: 4.2 m (165")
Length: 1.86 m (73")
Wing Area: 91 dm2 (1410 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: E 392 mod.
Flying Weight: 6.6 kg (232 oz)
Wing Loading: 72 g/dm2 (23 oz/sq. ft.)
Radio: Standard radio.
Mini and micro servos for the wings.

This plane is Rudolph Kaiser's best known design from the late 1950's. It is the last high-performance glider still built from wood. It was manufactured into the 1970's, long after modern composite gliders had made their debut. Even it's becoming a vintage glider it remains one of the most beloved glider within the pilots.

This semi-scale reproduction is known for its stable and gentle flying style. At this size it make it a great ship to get into scale soaring. Will do best behind a tug and its ease of handling will make it a great introductory ship for thermal soaring. Of course it can be used on the slope with success as well. The wing features a modified Eppler airfoil which blends to a symmetrical airfoil on the tips. This combination brings a wide performance range and allows crisp aerobatics. In thermals this Ka6e is unbeatable. It just hangs in tight turns without any tip stalling, giving the opportunity to track those tight thermals. Combined with its unique look, this Ka6e is a real all purpose glider.

The elevator has a light weight CNC built-up construction, this keeps the nose weight to a minimum. The all up weight is kept at surprising low value. The elevator bellcrank is made from fibreglass and  all machined high strength aluminum parts. Tight ball joint control horns gives the assembly precise and play free control. Pre-fitted CNC cut bulkheads and wood parts for the RC gear are part of the kit. You'll find a vacuum formed cockpit tray, which allow a simple but visually effective outfit of the cockpit. The elevator is removable for easy  transportation.

Kit content „Classic-Edition“ (CNC cut wood wings kit, to be built):

  • Exclusive kit including all parts for the ARC glider.

  • White colored fiberglass fuselage.

  • Thermoformed canopy and canopy tray

  • Rudder and elevator cnc cut built up kit

  • Elevator bell crank assembly in aluminum and fiberglass

  • CNC cut fuselage bulkhead set

  • Wings as CNC wood kit, built up, ribs, spars, servo trays and covers, airbrakes, joiners, complete wood parts.

  • Exhaustive hardware set, decal set, 1:1 build plan and instructions.

Complete combo packages available upon request.


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