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LinkVario DUO Typ-V-501
LinkVario DUO Typ-V-501

LinkVario DUO Typ-V-501

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Part Number:LinkVario DUO Typ-V-501
LinkVario Type V-501

The vario system "LinkVario" is an acoustic precision variometer
with altimeter and speech. More fun in thermals-fly, you fly much longer, especially in weak thermals.

Suitable for operation with a TEK nozzle, thereby representation
the real energy (potential and kinetic) of the glider
Connection of external sensors from SM-Modellbau
To optimize and tune the drive components
Available with 1 or 2 sensors
Power supply: 4-10 V (from receiver or receiver battery)


2 Sensors
variometer resolution: <0.5 cm / s
vertical speed measurement range: +10 / 5 m / s
height resolution at LinkVario Duo: Typical 0.1m
Height measurement: 3.200 m relative to sea level
LinkVario voltage monitoring: up to max. 10 V
Dimensions: 60 L x 24.5 W x 14.5 H mm without TEK connection
Weight: 13 g
Power consumption: Typical 15mA