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Lunak LF-107 3.7m
Lunak LF-107 3.7m

Lunak LF-107 3.7m

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Part Number:Lunak LF-107 3.7m

Wing Span:3.6 m (141")
Length: 1.69 m (66.5")
Wing Area:78 dm2 (1209 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil:HQ 1.5/12
Wing Loading:57 g/dm2 (18 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight:4.5 kg (153 oz)
Radio:Standard radio
Mini servos for the wings

The Lunak was built in the early 50's, in the Czech Rep. It was used as a trainer for future jet pilots or in local clubs for sailing and aerobatics. It had very impressive flying characteristics with a win at the World Championship. Only 5 units are still inventoried around the world from over 200 built.

This kit is the 1:4 scale reduction and is also the flapped version. This plane has a fixed wheel, prefitted and painted canopy tray for nice scale. The wings are obechi sheeted foam with lots of carbon reinforcement, which gives a safe feeling for those looking into pure aerobatics! While the original design is for aerobatics, it's easy and smooth handling allows nice thermal flight and enjoyable long duration flights.

Double stage airbrakes are installed, huge fiberglass wing joiner completes this rugged wing construction. The tail surfaces reflect the structural construction of the original and though are also covered to close the open surfaces, the stabilizer is plug in like the wings. The fuselage is state of the art with some reinforcement in the tail boom for increased stiffness, you get a great feel of solidity. All decals have already been applied.

Kit content is a yellow painted epoxy fuselage, finished yellow covered wings, aileron and flaps are finished and hinged, airbrakes installed. Tail surfaces are finished build-up structure and covered with yellow Oracover®, all required accessories are supplied as well as short building instructions.

Radio requirements are two micro servos for the ailerons, two mini servo for the flaps, two micro servos for the airbrakes, two regular servos for the elevator and rudder. And an additional servo for aerotow.

For aerotowing, this glider requires a nose tow release sold separately., this is also a great candidate for electric power, either FES (front electric sustainer) or pylon.

Inquiry for complete power and servo combo package deals.

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