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Magellan 3.4m ALES/F5J
Magellan 3.4m ALES/F5J

Magellan 3.4m ALES/F5J

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Part Number:magellan-3.4m
Wing Span:3.4 m (134")
Wing Area:61.8 dm2 (957 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil:AG40-AG43 mod.
Wing Loading:25 g/dm2 (8.4 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight:1.5-1.8 kg (55-63 oz)
Radio:Sub Micro servos and micro receiver recommended
MotorMega 16/30/3
Mega 3S

The Magellan 3.4 ALES has been developed for the electric thermal duration category, like ALES (Altitude limited electric soaring) or F5J.
It is now our largest version of the popular series of  Magellan electric gliders.
It has taken almost a year of development to achieve a very competitive airframe, which is very light, has great handling, excellent wind penetration, and yet still at an affordable price.

Wing structure is based on the same
molded full carbon technology that make the Magellan series so successful. This type of construction results in a very strong, yet light wing and a very accurate airfoil shape. The fuselage is build under similar technology as the Magellan 110 which is full Kevlar/Carbon lay-up cured under high pressure to reduce weight to a minimum. It is extremely strong, stiff and light.
All this results in a very competitive airframe, thanks to its low weight and great and easy handling. The long tail arm and the elaborate wing planform gives a smooth and easy low speed handling, that will allow you to work small low-level thermals with confidence, only little rudder input is required to hold plane in a thermal turn. On the opposite aggressive crow setting allows for slow and precise landing to the spot.

All parts of the Magellan 3.4 are pre-finished so very little time is required to get it into the air. The three-piece wing is completely finished molded carbon skin, it holds together by means of a carbon joiners and against the fuselage with bolts. Control surfaces are ready hinged. Servo bays are ready to receive the servos.
The molded elevator is also molded carbon and ready to bolt-on.
The fuselage comes complete with a trimmed canopy, wing hold down block, elevator saddle. Rudder is a separately molded piece that needs to be glued in place, and is already keyed for proper alignment.
You will need 6 of your favorite sub-micro servos and a micro receiver or ask us to provide you with one of our servo combo deal.
Hardware package and instruction are completing the kit.

We have created an extremely well balanced setup for this glider by using a small powerful inrunner the Mega 22/3S (which weights only 189g), this setup will give a nice 500-650W, the power level can be adjusted by changing prop size to suit pilots wanted climb rate. Several other setups available upon request!

Inquiry for complete power and servo combo package deals.

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