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Mega ACn 16/20/2
Mega ACn 16/20/2

Mega ACn 16/20/2

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Part Number:Mega ACn 16/20/2
Weight  No Load Current  Io  No Load RPM/Volt Diameter Length Inches Rotor Length mm Max
105g 3.7oz 3.2 6.5 3100 28mm 1.1" 1.62 20 45


ACn 16 series motors out perform all speed 400 size motors.
Designed for fast edf jets.
Same physical dimensions of speed 400 motors.
16 mm and 19 mm mounting holes M3
Shaft 1/8" Diameter = 3.2mm

Similar design to the ACn 16EDF but is slightly longer and lower KV rating.. Will fit 70 mm EDF units that the ACn 16EDF will fit. Has a KV rating of 3100 rpm/volt, rated for up to 40 amp draw. Will handle 4 Lipo cells setups.
Available as -F version with wires exiting side of can and with build-in cooling fan, suited for 400-450 size Helis, Cars and Planes where wires on the back are not suited.

Volts PROP


Amps Gear Esc
76 x 5
1584025.9DD30 A
6 x 5
1824035DD45 A
16 x 12.5
4200365:145 A
14 x 9580038
3.5:145 A

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