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Mega ACn 22/25/1E

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Part Number:Mega ACn 22/25/1E
Weight  No Load Current  Io  mO No Load RPM/Volt Diameter Length Inches Rotor Length mm Max
189g 6.6oz 1.5 
3380 36mm 1.4" 1.9 25 70 (30sec.)


ACn 22/25/1E electric motor is designed as direct drive for edf of geared for gliders up to 3 kg and for power planes up to 2 kg. Motor is designed for 2-8 LiPOL

Electric motor with 6 poles, weight 189 g, precisely balanced rotor, kevlar bandage. Motor has a new type of rotor with temperature resistant neodym magnets. This allows use of bigger propellers, the same as with motors with rotating case but motor can work up to 50 000 RPM. Motor withstands big currents (up to 70 A for 30 s). Low internal resistance 4,2 mO and high efficiency 84 %.

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