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Nimbus 4D 3.3m, ARF
Nimbus 4D 3.3m, ARF

Nimbus 4D 3.3m, ARF

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Part Number:Nimbus 4D 3.3m

Wing Span:3.3 m (130")
Length:1.18 m (46")
Wing Area:32.7 dm2 (507 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil:S3021
Wing Loading:46 g/dm2 (15 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight:1.5 kg (53 oz)
Radio:Standard radio
Micro servos for the wings

The Nimbus 4D  is the current open class super two seater design in production by Schempp-Hirth in Germany. It is the successor to the earlier 24.6 m Nimbus 3D. The six piece (26.5 m span) Discus plan form wing has full span camber changing flaperons. It has a glide ratio of about 60. It's particular look with the triple taper leading edge and forward swept wings is really graceful in the air. We at ICARE are very proud to offer different models starting with this one at 1:8.5 scale (3.3 m span) with sheeted foam wing, super scale TM reproduction of this very high performance glider.

At 1:8 scale this should be a small scale glider, but the high aspect ratio of the wing makes it still a comfortable sized plane of 3.3 m span. Designated for the intermediate pilot this is not the easiest plane to fly. It can be pitch sensitive at high speed. But heck what a great look in the air. Not suitable for aerobatics, it has hence a realistic wing flex in the air. The wing does not have flaps. It can be histarted, winched, aero towed or electrified with FES. Also nice on the slope.

This glider comes completely built, and ready for radio installation. Only a few hours are required, before you go to the field. The wings are sheeted foam and already covered with Oracover.
Airbrakes are installed and ready to be connected by the mean of a micro servo. The high gloss, gel coated Fiberglas fuselage has the wing joiner carrying tubes and the rudder control tube installed.
The cockpit comes with all main components like the instrument mushrooms, seats, head rests done. Retract and tow release are optional and can be ordered installed and functional.
A small package hardware and building instructions are completing the kit.

For the electric conversion enthusiast, it is possible to have a motor mount installed in the nose. For easy conversion, we offer complete power and servo package upon request.

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