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Nooner (ARC)
Nooner (ARC)

Nooner (ARC)

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Part Number:Nooner
Wing Span: 0.91 m (36")
Wing Area: 11.6 dm2 (180 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: SD 6060
Wing Loading: 39g/dm2 (13 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 450 g (16 oz)
Radio: Sub Micro servos and micro receiver recommended
Motor: 2-4 cells Li
Mega 16/15/3, 2W-20

Designed by Canadair aeronautical engineer Scott Black, the Nooner is intended to be a Speed 400 sport pattern racer capable of winning a “Piker class” event.  The Piker class was introduced by another Canadian electric flyer, Robert Pike from Southern Ontario, it was created as an entry level event in Pylon racing with an airframe that did not need to be highly sophisticated nor would use high end onboard equipment to be competitive. With the time, the Nooner has become so popular in the North Eastern E-racing league, that the "Piker class" has become almost a one design class race,  many newcomer have enjoyed it's safe flight behavior and continue to fly it in many occasions.

As a result the Nooner is typically an excellent sport model. Low wing loading, relatively large wing area for a small plane and high aspect wing planform gives this little speed demon its fast but predictable and stable flying characteristics. The Nooner is both a race contender and a lunch time flying session sport model.

ICARE is manufacturing a high quality ARC kit of this fine electric racer that features a ready built balsa sheeted wing with pre-cut and sanded ailerons and a sleek ready for radio installation pre-colored fiberglass fuselage. A good hardware package is also included.


  • light fiberglass fuselage reinforced with carbon
  • polystyrene-balsa wing with ailerons, locally reinforced with fiberglass, ready to cover
  • light structural balsa elevator ready to cover
  • hardware package
  • complete assembly manual with step by step illustrations

Complete power package available, motor, controller, folding prop, inquiry for current pricing.

Want to learn more about the "Piker class" and the NE E-racing league, click here.

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