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Part Number:pattaya
Wing Span:870 mm (34")
Length:530 mm (21")
Wing Area:7.76 dm2 (120 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil:FAD05
Wing Loading: g/dm2 ( oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight:130-210 g (4.6-7.4 oz)
Radio:Sub-micro servos and micro receiver
Motor:Compact 380

Interesting kit, the Pattaya is difficult to categories, small glider, park flyer, mini hotliner. Well all those in one kit, which means tons of fun. It is the enlarged version of the Crobe.

As a glider, it is very transportable. If you are hiking and want something to carry with, it is good in thermal, sleek and aerobatic.

The Pattaya comes pre-built (ARC), in all wood, balsa-ply, ready to cover. Tissue covering is recommended, Oralight may suited too. Easy to build, it goes together within 4 hours, this thanks its CAD design and laser cut parts for perfect fit.

The kit includes both options, either the pure glider or the electric version.
Requires two sub-micro servo, controlled by wingeron, the transmitter requires this mixing functions.

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