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Plug mold: Step by Step instructions
Plug mold: Step by Step instructions

Plug mold: Step by Step instructions

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Part Number:Plug mold: Step by Step instructions

Step by step instructions to insulate connectors with hot glue molds

Our step by step instructions in pictures for all who might work with our plug molds for the first time. Follow these steps below to make your plug insulation perfect.

Step 1:
The mold is prepared with a release agent/wax and brushed out.
Thus, the finished plug can be easily detached later and he gets a clean shape.

Step 2:
Here you can see the items needed. The connector to be insulated, 2 mold parts treated with release agent and 4 screws. And of course, your hot glue gun.

Step 3:
In this step, the plug is inserted in the mold. Make sure that it fits nicely, that no wire will be crimped when closing and everything closes clean.

Step 4:
Now you can close the mold with the second half and screwed tighten the 4 screws hand tight with a screwdriver.

Step 5:
You can now turn the mold to the opposite other side where the fill hole is located. The screw heads are now against the table.

Step 6:
Now you can fill with the glue. Hold the nozzle firmly against the filling hole and fill in glue until it comes out of the mold on the sides.

Step 7:
Here you can see how the glue surplus has emerged during filling.

Step 8:
After cooling, you can remove the glue surplus with a craft knife.

Step 9:
Now it's time to unscrew the mold. Once you have the screws out of the second half, you can insert a flat screw driver into the side recess and so "pry" open the mold with a small twisting motion.

Step 10:
Here you see how it looks like when the molds open correctly.

Step 11:
View of the finished molded plug. You can easily remove the two remnants with a craft knife.

Step 12:
Look at your finished plug and be proud :)

video instruction

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