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Quintus 5.8m all carbon
Quintus 5.8m all carbon

Quintus 5.8m all carbon

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Part Number:Quintus 5.8m all carbon


Scale : 1:4
Wing Span: 5.8 m (228")
Length: 1.96 m (77")
Wing Area:   dm2 ( sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: HQ 3/13 - HQ 3/10
Wing Loading:  g/dm2 ( oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: >8 kg (282 oz)
Radio: Standard radio
Micro servos for the wings

The original

The QUINTUS was presented to the public at the AERO in Friedrichshafen in 2011. The glider was developed by two companies. The company Lange Aviation did the wings and the fuselage and the cockpit the company Schempp-Hirth designed them. The glider has a span of 23m and a wingarea of 14.7m². The fuselage of the aircraft has a length of 7.83m. The approved take-off weight of the QUINTUS is 850 kg. The maximum payload must not exceed 110 kg. The glider is a 1-seater. The QUINTUS was specifically designed for a high wing loading. With the take-off weight and the wingarea, the wings can be loaded up to 58.8 kg / m².

The Model

The QUINTUS is a new addition to our offering and made in Cz. Like the ASG 29, this glider also comes from our renowned Czech manufacturer, who already has many years of experience in glider modeling.

The QUINTUS is offered as a fully molded FG/CF version. The production takes place in a FG/CF mixed construction. The model is painted and decorated in the moulds, so the surface is simply perfect.

The chosen slightly modified HQ airfoil, provides a flying characteristics that can be described as perfect. The airfoil allows for a wide speed range which, coupled with the available maneuverability and the excellent glide performance, gives a well balanced flying characteristic. These are valid for the thermal flight as well as for dynamic flight.

The wings are 6-part (winglets, tips and main wing). The inner wings are connected with a massive rectangular carbon joiner and the outer tips with an 8mm carbon fiber rod. All connections and screw connections are already installed from the factory on delivery. A wing clip safety is also available.

All control surfaces except the rudder are designed as Elastoflap with gap lips, which is now standard. The canopyr and the canopy frame are glued together and the whole assembly is hinged like full size with a spring loaded hinge system. The retractable landing gear comes installed with the wheel, wheel cover and the doors hinged. The factory-installed tow release completes the equipment. An extensive hardware kit with all linkage and attachments, cockpit equipment and detailed instructions are also part of the kit.

Kit content:
FG/CF muolded fuselage
CF-Herex wings and stab
Thermoformed canopy with FG frame
Cockpit seat, sides, and instrument mushroom
Cockpit accessories
Std 100mm wheel retractable landing
Tow release

Combo packages available upon request, FES option or self launch available.

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