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Radio Clinic For Sailplanes
Radio Clinic For Sailplanes

Radio Clinic For Sailplanes

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Programming today's computer radios can be a huge Pain In The Butt.

Why? The manuals suck. They tell how to find the function in the menus, but not how to apply the function to your plane and why. It's dry reading at best. 

Radio programming is hugely important in making your plane fly well. Even though you might have the CG and decalage set perfect, if you don't have the proper surface throws, mixes, stick feel, and flight modes set correctly, the plane will be hard to fly at peak performance.

The Radio Clinic for Sailplanes training DVD will give you a big head-start in understanding your radio's software and how to use it to enhance your aircraft's performance no matter what brand of transmitter you use. It's all about programming your plane to fly smoothly and efficiently the way you like it while reducing your piloting workload. This DVD teaches you how to understand what these all these functions do, why and when you would want to use them, what they look like in action on the plane.


I demonstrate how to program a variety of gliders from a basic 2 channel polyhedral trainer to a 6 servo F3X unlimited ship.You'll see how the control surfaces move and react to the programming parameters shown on the radio's screen. Everything about programming will make more sense once you see it demonstrated live on video.

You'll learn how to set up pre-programmed mixes like aileron to elevator, elevator to flap (snap flap), flap to elevator, aileron to rudder and differentials. Custom mixes with compensation curves are also covered in great detail.

Flight modes (also called flight conditions) are a powerful way to activate multiple trim and mixing functions with the flip of just one switch and are the key to performance soaring. I show you in detail how to program multiple flight modes so you can adapt your plane for different lift and wind conditions.

Once you study this deep training program, you should be able to get your plane to fly smoother, faster, safer, and with less pilot stress. The techniques taught can be applied to any Futaba, Airtronics, JR, Graupner, and Multiplex radio, regular FM/PCM, or the new 2.4 spread spectrum systems. For those who have the popular JR 9303-5 sailplane radio, you will see this radio's extra features demonstrated.

With our 30 day money back guarantee, you can invest in this terrific DVD risk-free. If you don't learn a ton of valuable flying techniques, I'll refund your purchase price, no questions asked, how easy is that?

Topics Covered:

• Basic & Advanced Programming Functions • 2 ch poly, 3 ch RES , 4 ch Flaperon, 6 ch F3X covered • Dual Rates & Exponential Techniques • Advanced Mixing Functions • Flight Modes/Conditions • Set-Ups For Electrics • Full-House Glider Programming • Flaperon Mixing • Aerobatic and Thermal Flight Programming

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