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Rainbow Autogyro
Rainbow Autogyro

Rainbow Autogyro

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Part Number:rainbow
Rotor: 1080 mm (42.5")
Length: 950 mm (37.4")
Flying Weight: 620-700 g (21 - 25 oz)
Motor: Mega RC 400/15/7
Battery: 3 S LiPo 1300 - 1800 mAh
RC: (2) HS-81 servos and Rx

The first original autogyro was first built in 1923 by Spanish engineer Juan de la Cierva. Its development went on during the thirties and in Second World War. It was used by different country armies usually for observation purposes

The RAINBOW autogyro is designed for model builders with basic flying experience, as it only requires elevator and rudder (or ailerons) control.
Easy and trouble free hand starts or grassy fields take off.
Landing is also very easy, even in autorotation mode.
The large rotor allows a smooth and safe flying, where situation with regular aircraft would have lead to a loss, the Rainbow will be forgiving.
Side movements of the RAINBOW autogyro are made by rotor side tilt.
Up down control are made with elevator, which works well in the whole range of flying speeds and in autorotation mode which allows almost vertical and very slow landing.
For the autogyro transportation, rotor blades can be folded back over the airframe.

Flying time varies from 10 to 20 minutes (battery 3xLiPo,1350mAh , motor MEGA RC 400/15/7, propeller APC10x5 E).

The RAINBOW autogyro is designed in such a manner, that after completing its assembly, only CG adjustment required.
More experimented modeller may experiment the possibility to fly the RAINBOW with two, three or four bladed head assemblies. Use float to take off from water, carry onboard camera or to use nightlights for night flying.

All RAINBOW autogyro spare parts are available separately.
As tuning/upgrade part a four bladed rotor head assembly is available, which allows very slow flight in no-wind conditions and gives the ability for additional payload.

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