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Remote floor tow release
Remote floor tow release

Remote floor tow release

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The high-quality compact tow release is not only suitable for installation below in the glider's fuselage, but also for "upside down" installation in tow planes such as Viper, Piper, Wilga, etc.
As a result of the flat bonding, there is generally no need to reinforce the fuselage skin. There is also no need for extra bulkheads that are required for other couplings.
The coupling disengages safely, even under the heaviest load conditions.
Due to its special geometry, the KST DS125MG servo is well enough for aircraft up to 25kg. This design always ensures that the rope loop is released safely.
The coupling can also be installed offset by 90 °, so that, for example, a longitudinal slot can be made on the glider.

Suitable accessories: Servo DS125-MG (6V) MKS S-BEC 2A (turns approx. 8V then 6V) Servo KST X10-HV (6-8V)

The correct setting is important, especially when it is locked. When locked, the servo lever must be close to dead center. This position can be recognized by the fact that the linkage lever almost hits the base plate of the coupling. See the picture.

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