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Revolto blue
Revolto blue

Revolto blue

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Wing Span: 1020mm (40")
Length: 1030mm (40.5")
Wing Airfoil: semi sym. (true airfoil)
Flying Weight: 550 g (20 oz)
Radio: 10g servos and micro receiver
Motor: 75g, 1000Kv, 200-250W

This model was designed as a game changer in the 1m category. Huge ailerons with unprecedented throws (55 deg) and especially the full flying stab (with practically unlimited throws) will give you such control authority that you really really can't ask for more, ever.

The model is a "scale model" of another model, the unique balsa aerobatic plane Revolto produced by Badan Airplane Kits company. The designer, Dan Bartušek, is known for always coming up with airplanes of recognisable, "sexy" shapes.

You may tune down the control throws for more calm flying style or to learn some basic aerobatics. But we are sure that you will soon itch to increase them to the limits, if only to see what happens.



RC Factory XL combo set
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