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SUPER-DIMONA TC-80, 2.14m ws
SUPER-DIMONA TC-80, 2.14m ws

SUPER-DIMONA TC-80, 2.14m ws

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Wing Span:2.12 m (83")
Length:1.0 m (39 ")
Wing Area:35.3 dm2 (548 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil:Flat bottom
Wing Loading:36 g/dm2 (13  oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight:1300 g (51 lbs)
Radio:micro servos and receiver recommended
Motor:AXI 2814/12

A nice semi scale reproduction of a well known motor glider. The Super Dimona is the epitome of elegance, modern technology and flight performance.

The prototype, which was built
as the Hoffmann H36 Dimona assembled in Dachau near Munich - a development of WD Ing. Hoffmann in the early 1980s.
The model was designed to be driven by a  400-size motor.
Flying with the Super Dimona is relaxing, she flies inherently stable and absolutely no critical behavior. It is controlled by elevator, rudder and ailerons.
Aileron control is effected by two built in the wing servos (Micro), so that a distinctive adjustment can be exactly programmed on the transmitter.
The most beautiful is probably flying at 20m height, half throttle, so you can best admire the beauty - underscored by discreet sound from the gear - enjoy.

The kit is highly pre-fabricated, only the fuselage needs to be complemented by the installation of wooden parts.

The main landing gear consists of two parts fiberglass molded piece, wheel cover made of ABS. Access to the battery and remote control via a removable canopy with cockpit.
As drive we recommend the lighter LiPo battery with a capacity about 1.4 Ah, and direct drive inrunner like a AXI 2814/12

The kit contains:

-Comprehensive building instructions with Build pictures, detailed plans showing RC installation,
-Fuselage and hood made from molded fiberglass,
-Prebuilt finished wing panels in rib design,
-Tailplane and rudder, pre-cut plywood, aluminum landing gear, cockpit frame, dashboard, cockpit interior, wheel pants made from ABS,
transparent canopy, wheels, small items and decal sheet.

Inquire for our complete combo packages, power setups an servos

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