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Self Launch Systems for gliders

Scale Glider Self Launch Systems (SLS)

Scale glider self launch systems (SLS) are a jewel of engineering, many hours have been put behind these designs to have them work flawless and safely.
We are very proud to be able to offer this variety of very high quality products. 

We offer many different types of SLS, all have their advantages and disadvantages, so the choice is a matter of personal taste and scale look. We offer all these unit installed and tested in our airplanes, so they will work flawlessly:

The belt driven props, giving a gear reduction and motor remains in fuselage, this is scale from full size and the main advantage is that there is almost no CG change between in and out configuration. Reliability of operation is flawless with our dedicated sequencing unit. Requires some maintenance due to the belt drive system. Available in a variety of size from 1/8 scale to 1/2 scale application.

The direct drive with the motor on top of the arm, this is also scale as the new Antares uses similar setup, but in a scale model the weight of the unit is quite higher then in full size, and even if the unit is simpler in design and operation, it disadvantage remain in the great CG change between open and close position. This unit will move about 1 pound back and forth by about 10 inches. Reliability of operation is flawless with our dedicated sequencing unit. Available in 22" prop unit for 1/3 scale.

The direct drive folding prop unit is sort between the two first. It is a direct drive unit but with a short folding arm and folding blades, which shorten the weight movement and the folding blades removes the need to control the prop stopping. It comes in 4 or 5 blades configuration like full size. Available for 1/4 scale application.

We also offer the turbine sls, this is for the demanding modeler that want a show off model. The AFTJet mechanism can be fitted with turbines from 60-160N.

And now becoming very popular the EDF sls, which are retractable electric ducted fan units. While they bring some advantages in the reliability and less down pitching moment, they are unfortunately the least efficient unit compared to prop designs, as they may require up to twice the power to achieve the same climb, but you get a very dynamic flying style though.

Of course we offer complete installation service in your chosen glider up to ready to fly.