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Servo frame JR type 13
Servo frame JR type 13

Servo frame JR type 13

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Part Number:JR Type 13
Servo frame "JR Type 13" is as thin as the servo itself and keeps it precisely in position. The frame is fixed in the wing with epoxy while two screws hold the servo in the frame. Two close-fitting red pieces connect servo and frame. The system makes linkages possible which are free from play but also allows to replace a damaged servo within seconds.
Technical Data:
outer dimensions: 45 x 35 x 13 mm (1.75"x1.38"x0.51")
weight: ca. 4 grams
The following servos fit frame Type 13:GR/JR C 341, DS361, DS368, DS3068

(Note that the price is for one frame only)

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