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Servo frame type KST Bearing
Servo frame type KST Bearing

Servo frame type KST Bearing

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Part Number:Type KST Bearing
Servo frame "Type KST bearing" with integrated counter bearing.
Super flat and compact servo frame. Due to the low height, the counter bearing is designed as a plain bearing.
This provides optimal fit and durability, with low weight.
The screw on the servo lever is replaced by a rotating part made of aluminum.
Adapter pieces that fit precisely into the holes on the servo housing fix the servo in the frame via four special screws.
The servo can be quickly removed and installed at any time.
Thanks to the lateral support surface, the servo frame can also be bonded to the support surface near the counter bearing.
The additional bonding ensures a very backlash-free linkage.

The servo frame can be used equally for "left" and "right".

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 58 x 47 x 10.5 millimeters, weight: 6 grams

The following servos fit into the servo frame "Type KST bearing":


Note for X10 and X10 mini Typ KST X10 bearing is recommended.

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