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Soaring Master Class 2
Soaring Master Class 2

Soaring Master Class 2

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The Soaring Master Class 2 training DVD is a series of tutorials of intermediate to advanced soaring techniques taught by world and national soaring champions. Subjects include thermaling and practice techniques, plane set ups, winch launching and an introduction to competition thermal flying. Featured instructors include five-time world champ Daryl Perkins, world youth champ Cody Remington, and national champions Tom Keisling, Skip Miller and Mike Smith. All of the DVD's footage was shot live at a major thermal soaring competition in Arizona.

Daryl teaches you how to set up your plane for the best launch, how to practice speed control for spot landings, and shares some great pro-level thermaling tips. Mike Smith covers caller and timing techniques, reading the plane on winch line, and teaches a tutorial on finding thermals without ground signs. Cody and Skip talk about competition flight strategy and share their plane tuning tips. 


In the competition section, you get to tag along with the pilots as they fly each round of the contest. Both pilots and callers are mic'd up, so you hear and see what they are doing through out the contest flights. The pilots and callers describe what they are doing and talk about the techniques they are using to place high in the standings. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn from some of the super stars of soaring. 

While this training DVD is aimed at pilots who have mastered the basics, pilots of all skill levels will enjoy watching the world's best pilots fly the latest in glider technology. If you haven't been to a r/c soaring competition before, this program is a unique look at how a contest is flown and operated. Combine this program with the other Soaring Master Class DVDs, and you get a potent set of training films which will surely cut years off of your learning curve.

Topics Covered:

• Spot Landing • Practicing Tips • High Start Launching • Winch Launching Techniques • Contest Landing Tips • Team Work • Heat Timing • Light Air Thermaling • Contest Strategies • Air Reading

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