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Soarmaster Compact
Soarmaster Compact

Soarmaster Compact

Your Price: U$1,115.00
Part Number:soarmaster-c
Wing Span:3.2 m (124")
Length1.54 m (61")
Wing Area:58.8 dm2 (911 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil:HQ/W 2.5/8 to 3/9
Flying Weight:> 2.8 kg (99 oz)
Wing loading:45 g/dm2 (15 oz/sq. ft.)
Radio:Micro servos in the wings
and regular equipment in the fuselage.
Power setup:From 3 to 5S, see below suggestions

The Soarmaster Compact is the electric version of the std Soarmaster, it features the same construction technology, so it is a pure F3J or TD (thermal duration glider) with nice handling.

The Soarmaster Compact is a great entry level thermal duration airplane. It features all the great characteristics from a world class airframe at a fraction of the cost.

It features a well known airfoil with great flight characteristics, slow in thermal and speedy for cruising. The HQ-W airfoils have been specifically designed for flapped configuration. So there is minimal CG change when changing camber on the airfoil, allowing you to concentrate on that thermal you have to center.

Construction is hollow molded wing and molded fuselage. All parts are fiberglass reinforced with carbon. Control surfaces are live hinges and are ready to receive the control horns. So the kit feature a high level of prefabrication, needing only radio gear installation. Wings are in three pieces bolt on top of fuselage, and ease of transportation. Flaps and ailerons allows also the crow configuration for target spot landing.

V-tail is removable and to easy the electric configuration, the servos are installed underneath the V-tail.

Kit content:

  • Sturdy molded fiberglass fuselage in white, carbon reinforced
  • Hollow molded wing and outboard panels, fiberglass and carbon reinforced
  • Hollow molded V-tail
  • Carbon canopy
  • Complete hardware pack and instruction manual
  • Assembly instructions with step by step pictures

RC functions: Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons, Flaps, Throttle.

Download instruction manuel, click here.

Following options and accessories are also available:

  • Servo packages (Hitec, JR, Futaba) and wing servo wire harness.
  • Carry bags.
  • Power setup for Soarmaster Compact (electric), motor, esc, batteries, inquiry for suggestion!

Power package on 3S (high performance LMR):

  • Plettenberg HP220/20/A2 P4 7:1
  • Plettenberg HP 220/25/A1 P6 7:1 F5B-10

Power package on 4S:

  • Plettenberg HP 220/25/A3 P4 5:1
  • Plettenberg Ergo

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