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Teras 50 / BM
Teras 50 / BM

Teras 50 / BM

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Teras - the monster with tremendous power.
The Teras is with its power well above the 370 HP size motors, making it a giant on the water.
is a stable, high-revving 4-pole internal rotor of a specially designed rotor / stator plate.
The technology of a laminated rotor is also applied here. This brings advantages in partial load operation, as the core losses are lower.
Further significant advantages are obtained by a high efficiency of about 90%, stable 12 mm rotor shaft with integrated and proven coupling system for a vibration-free running and low internal resistance.
For optimal cooling the motors have a built-in fan and a water-cooling based on a proven system.
6-8 KW power makes boating REALLY fun.

Teras 50/BM

Gewicht ca:

1220 g


für 6,35 mm ( 1/4")


2, 3 Windungen


10 - 14 LiPo



Kv: 1/min/Vol

Teras 50/2 BM

950 1/min/Volt

Teras 50/3 BM

630 1/min/Volt

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