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Transmitter module DV4
Transmitter module DV4

Transmitter module DV4

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Part Number:Transmitter module DV4
weatronic® 2.4 Dual FHSS
Transmitter module DV4
Safety and reliability are the basis of our work. Therefore the weatronic® systems are transmitting and receiving respectively via two flat top antennas (redundant systems) which means DOUBLE safety. Our transmitter modules are considerably ahead of conventional rod antennas due to their construction and ideal hemispherical radiating parameters.
Further  advantages mean in use:
    recording of all transmitted and received data to the Micro-SD card in transmitter module
    optical and acoustical warnings
    voice output of telemetry data of the model and during the flight
    telemetry units send their data directly to the transmitter module
    the easiest modification of most available transmitters  (usually “plug and play” principle)
    upgradeable, therefore always up to date
    optional transfer of telemetry data via Bluetooth
    very  long operating distance, over 5.000 meters  with unobstructed view
Technical data:
- transmission: adaptive frequency operation (principle)
- hopping frequencies: 80
- hopping speed: 100 Hz
- antennas: 2 x patch antennas (angle of radiation > 180°)
- transmitting power: 20 dBm (100 mW)
- status indicator: 3 LED on the housing
- operating voltage: 5,0 - 10,0 Volt (additional tension (voltage) regulators are plugged in some mounting adaptors)
- current consumption: ca. 200 mA
- temperature range: -10° C to +60° C, non-condensing
- dimensions: 95 x 65 x 18 mm
- weight: 60 g