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Wilga 2000
Wilga 2000

Wilga 2000

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Part Number:wilga2000
Scale:1 : 3.5 (29%)
Wing Span:3.6 m (142")
Length:2.58 m (101.5")
Wing Area:dm2 ( sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil:NAVA 2415
Wing Loading: g/dm2 (  oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight:from 18 kg (39 lbs)
Radio:std servos and receiver recommended
Motor:from 80cc up to 220cc 4cyl.

The Wilga (PZL-104) was developed by PZL in Poland to serve the military as a reconnaissance aircraft.  Its unique appearance with his huge radial engine, makes it stand out among both modern and vintage aircraft.  This is definitely not just another high wing monoplane.  Its reputation as a tow plane in both the full scale and modeling worlds is legendary.  In Europe it has been used to tow 3 full-scale single place gliders at one time. In the late 1990s the PZL-104MA Wilga 2000 family was developed with Lycoming flat 6 cylinders engines and with improved aerodynamics.

It was decided to make a scale reproduction at 1:3.5, a size that had two advantages. First the ability to use an efficient power system that has a great weight to power ratio, and ideal for aerotowing. Second, keep the size reasonable so it is still fairly transportable in a standard van. After a year of designing and building, this exquisite kit was ready. Thanks its large cowling, motors up to 200cc can be used without problem. For normal sport flying an 80 cc engine is plenty, thanks the lightweight construction of the airframe. Unique is also the scale leading slat, which comes as an all moulded piece, and substantially improves the handling. The all moulded fibreglass fuselage is easily outfitted with the precisely cnc cut bulkheads and wood parts. The wings and stab are built-up in the RSS (rib-spar-slot) technology. Knuckle hinge ailerons and fowler flaps are of course there. The elevator is removable for ease of transportation. All moulded landing gear fairing and and wing tips are completing the kit. The spring-loaded scale landing gear has also proven to be everyday worthy and withstands quiet some abuse during the tows. With this Wilga 2000, you not only will have a rugged tow plane but also an accurate scale and with easy handling every day flyer.

Kit content:

  • Complete rib and spar kit CNC cut in the RSS-Technik (Rib-Spar-Slot)
  • All wooden parts precisely CNC cut and highly prefabricated.
  • Highly detailed, all moulded fibreglass fuselage, in white, includes moulded cowling, moulded wing tips, moulded landing gear fairings.
  • Spring loaded scale main landing gear with shock absorber.
  • Spring loaded tail wheel assembly, with wheel.
  • Complete wing and stab wing joiner system.
  • Exhaustive small parts set.
  • 6 pieces clear windows set.
  • Detailed instruction with 1:1 drawing and standard decal set.
Wilga 2000 option: main wheel set, 152mm dia (6").

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