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Wilga-35 (2.4m)
Wilga-35 (2.4m)

Wilga-35 (2.4m)

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Wing Span:2.4 m (95")
Length:1.72 m (68 ")
Wing Area:87.8 dm2 (1360 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil:Naca 4412
Wing Loading:62-100 g/dm2 (  oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight:5.5 - 9 kg (12-19 lbs)
Radio:std servos and receiver recommended
Motor:30cc to 60cc (80cc max)
Electric with Predator 30-8

The Wilga (PZL-104) was developed by PZL in Poland to serve the military as a reconnaissance aircraft.  Its unique appearance makes it stand out among both modern and vintage aircraft.  This is definitely not just another high wing monoplane.  Its reputation as a tow plane in both the full scale and modeling worlds is legendary.  In Europe it has been used to tow 3 full-scale single place gliders at one time.

The kit comes as an RTF plane. Fuselage is a highly detailed white molded fiberglass piece with all paneling and rivet made.
Windows are fitted and firewall is fully carbon reinforced.
Landing gear is molded fiberglass/carbon.
Wings are of built-up type covered and ready for radio gear installation and feature ailerons and flaps.
Wings are assembled by means of a twin steel tube wing joiner system which is very reliable and strong.
Kit also includes a cockpit interior and main gear fairings.

Equipped with a 30 to 60cc engine it is pretty light, yet feature a strong construction, it is a very gentle flying tug.
Even fitted with an 80cc engine, it has proven to be a reliable and long lasting plane, going through several heavy flight season without any trouble.
Electric tug is also possible with now the famous Plettenberg Pred. 30-8, it will tow 20-30lbs gliders to sky's limit.

This Wilga has proven to be our first choice tug.

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