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mini-Hawk F5B
mini-Hawk F5B

mini-Hawk F5B

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Part Number:mini- Hawk F5B
Wing Span: 1.22 m (48")
Length: 0.72 m (25.4")
Wing Area: 13.5 dm2 (208 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: MH 30
Wing Loading: 50-60 g/dm2 (17 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 0.65-0.8 g (25 oz)
Radio: Sub Micro servos and micro receiver recommended
Motor: 2-4 cells Li
Mega 16/25/3 to Mega 22/1kW

The mini-Hawk F5B is like a down sized  F5B ship. It is well suited for sport F5B style flying, can be flown with F5D setups as well, but is mostly fun as a speed plane. It comes in a very sturdy construction and it will allow you to get the thrill of speed F5B style flying.

The MH-30 airfoil provides a wide speed range, so this glider will have great climb and wind penetration capability to search for the thermal. Versatility is the key with this airfoil. It is efficient at any airspeed, and will allow for good climb rate in thermals, and it will be very fast for some hot-dogging. Spoilerons configuration allows accurate landing. Canopy gives easy access to battery.

Kit content:

  • Fuselage is all moulded epoxy/Kevlar/carbon lay-ups and painted in the mould

  • The wing is in one piece for extra strength

  • The wing is hollow moulded epoxy-fiberglass and carbon reinforced, with ailerons live hinged

  • Cross tail and optional rudder, hollow moulded.

  • Accessories and short assembly instructions

Complete power package available, motor, controller, folding prop and batteries, inquiry for current pricing:

  • AXI 2217/12 on 3S LiPo (300W)

  • hotline 1400 on 3S LiPo (450 W)

  • Mega ACn 16/25/1.5S PG 3.8:1, 3S LiPo (1kW)

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